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2 Years

We support the three prime areas of development for two years old’s.


  • Personal, Social and Emotional 
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development


Personal, Social and Emotional 

We support our 2 years olds to establish their sense of self, by expressing their preferences, gaining self assurance in different situations, supporting their transitions etc.  We use a key worker system, and each key worker plans and facilitates activities to develop independence and confidence for their key children.


Communication and Language

We support our 2 years olds to develop their communication with their peers and adults, by playing and joining in with role play, encouraging friendships, turn taking etc.  We work on establishing daily routines and their understanding of them, by using visual cues, speech, basic signing and now and next boards.


Physical Development

We provide activities to support children to improve their gross motor skills, which lead to the long term development of their fine motor skills eg writing. Activities include climbing frames, bikes, balance beams along with hand-eye coordination skills such as ball throwing , catching and kicking.